Work With Experts

Need help executing your Infrastructure program? Let us guide you through the complex technology landscape, manage vendor interactions, and set your business up for success by managing the process for you.  We will ensure your business is able to operate without disruption, and with the right technology to rapidly enable a smooth transition.

Marble Arch believes the ideal IT Project Manager has the perfect balance of technical knowledge of the solution he or she is tasked with delivering and rigour to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Our team of Project Managers have equal capability to manage the expectations of their stakeholders, with exceptional communication skills to give our clients the confidence of representing their IT Organisation to their senior and executive-level managers, and also maintain close ties with their technical resources to ensure solutions deliver the right outcomes.



Agile delivery

Marble Arch Project Managers  deliver in either Agile or Waterfall methodologies, however, we commit to working under the methodology mandated by our clients.

This would include the performance of PM functions within the clients’ toolset and document management systems to ensure they retain all project artefacts.



Our flexible engagement approach ensures we can operate with or without project management at the clients’ preference.

Our technical consultants have obtained the level of experience which enables them to complement their technical expertise with a degree of project management that offers our clients with the option of managing the engagement through their internal PMO.


Program and Project Management

We are proud of the extensive multi-million dollar program and project management skills we have to offer.

The Marble Arch Project Manager will bring a significant degree of technical experience (often beginning their careers as an engineer), and utilise that knowledge to ensure the best result for their project. 

Marble Arch also offers clients project coordination services. These, basic project management functions, such as financial and status reporting, offer our clients a cost-effective way of delivering technical solutions without the overhead of more complex initiatives.